Since 2001, when WAN-DEKOR KRAKÓW Limited was established, it has gained a significant growth, which allowed us to build a wide recognized position at Polish construction services market.

The basic area of company’s activity is designing and realization of construction and installation projects as a main, independent contractor.

We also provide a specialist advice in area of choosing optimal project solutions, which often lower the costs and increase quality within assumed complex price.

We have significant experience in realization of finishing works in shopping malls and in public institutions, thanks to which the finishing works are performed efficiently, quickly and professionally. In cases of already opened shopping centers we provide our services with minimal inconvenience to other tenants or customers in general.

Many years of experience allows us to extremely optimize logistics and coordination involved in realization of investments in shopping malls, offices and public properties, where ability to make quick, targeted decisions as well as corresponding creativity is a basic condition for keeping aimed deadlines.

We hold massive experience in realization of objects between 20 and 2600 square meters, with very different and individual finishing standards.


We closely cooperate with the Customer from the moment of accepting a contract in purpose of creating a suitable working schedule. We also cooperate in detail with public administration as well as management companies aiming to keep the deadlines and high quality of performance.


We offer a full package of design and projecting services aimed to achieve full coordination and effectiveness of desired objects and solutions.


Close cooperation between our Customers and our coordinators allows for proper analysis and understanding of individual needs of each investment, what guarantees delivering finished object within assumed deadlines and budget.


We have successfully finished dozens of projects, having permanently in our team plaster board specialists, plumbers, electricians, air-conditioning specialists and many other workers and specialized working partners. We are able to take up and realize any kind of investment.

 We have accomplished shops and showrooms of many well know and recognized offices, retailers, restaurants, cinemas and gas stations. Among our permanent Customers there are: RAPPER , H&M , I’SPOT , MARKS&SPENCER , QUBUS , CINEMA CITY , PARFOISE as well as many others.


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